My child is transgender. And he’s incredibly brave. I wish he didn’t have to be. I wish we lived in a world where he could just be himself. Imagine him not needing to be concerned with someone criticizing him, bullying him or worse because he is transgender. Imagine a world where each of us could be ourselves – dress how we like, speak how we are comfortable speaking, walk or prance or skip, not needing to be concerned with how we look to others.

And why do we care so much? Why does it matter how someone walks, or talks, or dresses? We are all different. We know that. And it’s ok, unless someone is “too” different. That’s when the trouble starts. Name-calling, bullying, teasing, even violence. Why? Is it so scary that someone seems so different from us? And I say “seems” because, really, they’re not. We have more in common than not. We all have the same needs – food, shelter, love. We speak, we cry, we laugh, we sing, we walk upright. We are all trying to find our way on this journey. Who am I to judge the way you travel your path? If it’s easier for you in a dress, I say wear the dress! If you’d rather skip, SKIP! Turn cartwheels, if you want; it’s really none of my business.

And my son’s gender is none of your business. If you can’t be accepting and supportive, how about just be quiet?

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