In the wake of the election, I find myself anxious. Not most of the time. Just every so often when I read a report of a hate crime, or some idiotic comments made by someone who has no idea what it’s like to live in fear.

If you are a woman, you already know this feeling. Maybe you don’t experience it very often, depending on where you live or work, but pretty much any woman I know has had that feeling of “Uh oh. I could be in trouble here.”  You know, when the parking garage is completely empty save two or three cars. Or when the one block you have to walk down is deserted and dark. Or when the guy across the street is staring at you with an angry glare.

But we women are not the only ones who know fear. Our gay and lesbian friends know fear. Our transgender children, young and grown, know fear. Our Muslim neighbors know fear. Our Black neighbors know fear. And many others  know it, too.

Now imagine you have more than one of the above going for you.

The fear I feel these days is not so much for myself. Because although I am female, I can usually manage to keep myself safe. I have a car and a decent job, so I don’t have to come home from work late, walk through a bad neighborhood, or put myself in dangerous situations in order to try to survive. I am more fortunate than most.


I fear for all of those marginalized by society. No one should have to live in fear just for being who they  are.

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