Today’s Trans Tip* 

Today’s Trans Tip*
(*For those who want to increase understanding and awareness.)
Don’t assume my gender identity defines my sexual orientation. Who I am attracted to is totally separate from my gender. A simple way to think of it is: one is who I sleep with and one is who I sleep as.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Trans Tip* 

  1. I’m having this debate with my mum right now! It’s so good to know I’m not the only one who uses that example! 😀

    What helped you accept your child? How did you know they were sure?

    My parents don’t believe I am trans and are asking me to prove to them that I am a man, I don’t know how, even though every single bone in my body knows this is who I am, a boy born in a girls body they don’t believe me.

    I’d be super grateful for any advice!


    1. Alex,
      Thank you for your reply. Wow, um… advice? I will share with you my experience, as I am no expert in any way. Just a mom who loves her child. I have to believe that your parents are acting (or re-acting) out of love. I know when my child first came out to me, I was afraid. Not afraid for me, but afraid for him. How would he be treated? Would he lose friends? Would family turn their back? Would he be bullied? Beaten? I would guess that your parents are afraid for you, too.
      What I did first was research. I looked up what exactly this non-binary transgender child of mine was telling me. There are tons of legitimate, well-written resources out there on the ‘Interwebs’ these days. I will get some of these together and share them here for you. Also, I found a therapist for us. Someone who worked with trans kids, and knew what they were talking about. If your folks are willing to go with you, this person could possibly help them understand how you are feeling and be an advocate for you.
      Good luck and know that you are awesome and brave and loved!

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