Today’s Trans Tip* 

Today’s Trans Tip*
(*For those who want to increase understanding and awareness.)
The term “transgender” or “trans” is an umbrella term that includes lots of gender expansive identities: transsexual people, cross-dressers, genderqueer individuals, agender people, transmen, transwomen, two-spirit people and many more.

One thought on “Today’s Trans Tip* 

  1. Karen- Thank you for this simple definition in this not so simple world. If we would all just ask if we have a question, so many interactions would go more smoothly. I have a coworker. A young man, 23 years old and fresh out of college. Smart and funny. When we would all start telling stories and talking about life, he would hint that he was gay but then in the next breath would say something about a girl indicating otherwise. I think he was just trying to feel out the environment. That made me so sad. We didn’t want to pry since he was so new to our store but we wanted him to know whatever he was is cool with us. So one day he said something about a girl and then something about a guy and I asked him which gender does he prefer. And he simply said “Either one, And thank you so much for just asking.” Once he knew he was in safe accepting territory, it all fell into place. I adore him.


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