One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back

What a good year last school year was. My kid was called by his chosen name. Most of the time the pronouns were right. There was very little nonsense, really.

This year, there’s a new principal, a new nurse and two of his favorite teachers were moved to different schools. Talk about starting from scratch.

The first day of school, he walked into classes to see his birth name and photo projected on the whiteboard for the seating assignments. Teachers who knew him last year were accidentally calling him by his birth name because the same tool they use for seating charts is what they use for roll call, which is also “the official school record” so they refuse to change it. Why could they do it last year but they can’t this year? I can’t seem to get an answer to that question.

And here’s some hypocrisy for ya, they won’t change his name or find a way to keep his birth name confidential, which is what they say in their policy that they will do, but there’s a link on the school’s website to this article:

And I quote:
Transgender youth are looking, first and foremost, for adults to respect their chosen names and pronouns. Making this effort validates young people’s core identity and solidifies their safety. Without it, a trusted relationship cannot be built.



3 thoughts on “One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back

  1. I’m having this debate with my college this year. They managed to change my name on their written registers (which is was they have, or had in class with them last year) and everybody called me by my preferred name and pronouns and none of my peers (that I wasn’t particularly close to or trusting of) knew me any differently, I was just a regular boy. This year, they’ve decided that they can no longer do any of that and that they have to use electronic registers (projected onto the smart board for everyone to see) and they have to call me by the name that appears on the registers, which is my birth name.

    They have told me the only way I could change this is if I change my name legally, which sadly, I’m unable to do due to family circumstances.

    So I’m the mean time I’m being questioned all the time – “why do you look like a boy if you’re ACTUALLY a girl” “are you a dyke?”.

    But nope, the college have wiped their hands of me, an basically told me to shut up and put up with it until I can do it legally.

    Goes back to your question “why could you do it last year but not this year?”

    Stupid rules. Covering their own back sides while disrespecting everything i am and upsetting me in the process. :/

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