Yes, my friends, I am going out on a limb to tell you – there IS hope! Yesterday’s elections gave me a glimmer. “Danica Roem became the first out trans person to be elected to a state legislature – by beating a virulent anti-LGBT politician… Andrea Jenkins became the first trans woman of colour elected in the nation after winning a 73% landslide in Minneapolis’s Eighth Ward to give her a place on the City Council… Nearly 40 years after Milk took office, Lisa Middleton became the first openly transgender person elected to political office in the state [California]…” And, “Pennsylvania also broke its trans barrier, as Tyler Titus became the first openly trans person to be elected in the state.”[www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/11/08/50-years-after-the-uss-first-gay-politician-lesbians-and-trans-people-smashed-barriers/]

Yes, that’s four – count ’em FOUR! –  out trans folks elected to public office, and pretty big ones, too!  Long way to go? Of course, but let’s just celebrate for today. Join me in being cautiously optimistic, won’t you?

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